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The Summery Touch on Wedding Cakes

We can’t deny or ignore it, summer is in the air already and we also can’t say “ah, whatever” to this beautiful season because when we say summer, it means longer daytime and spending of time outdoors! And to top these all off, having a wedding on a summer day can be one of the best decisions ever made by any couple. They can don a beach wedding and experience the perfect weather and they can also make this season as a theme by incorporating everything summer into their wedding details such as the wedding favors, the wedding ambiance, and the wedding cake.

Speaking of this sweet sensation which should not be absent on the wedding reception, how can you incorporate the summer touch on the cakes as well as to wedding favors and wedding decorations? Here are some helpful tips on fitting in the summery feel to the cakes that should be known by every bride out there.

Fruits All Over. It is official; fruits can definitely make every cake delicious apart from its beautifying contribution. As it is the time of the year when berries are everywhere, strawberry-fying the wedding cake will definitely make the summer feel official in your wedding. If you are not fond of this red and beautiful fruit, you can go with the blue one- the blueberry or any other season fruits or a combination of different fruits.

Flowers. Sunflowers are the top pick when you want your cake to have a touch of summer. Making these big and pretty flowers as the cake topper assures that the cake will be a wedding reception attention-grabber. As yellow is one of the colors of summer, you can also go with this theme that you can even have sunflower-themed wedding favors and other wedding features. You can also incorporate daisies or fresh roses if sunflower is hard to find.

The Sand. What’s a summer without the beach? Corals and seashells can also adorn your summer cake so that you can go with the sunny season on your wedding day. You can even request from the cake bakery or shop for the wedding cake to be incorporated with the beach design making its texture look like white beach sand. Complete this wedding showpiece with miniature lounge chairs and beach hats around where it is being displayed. These tiny things can be your cool wedding favors also.

The Summer Color. Anything bright and sunny will bring out the summer gorgeousness of this sweet treat. If you don’t want 3D adornment or designs on the cake itself, you can request your cake maker to make the color of the wedding cake summery and lively with rainbow colors because that will still certainly hit the “summery touch” goal.

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Be Exceptional With Your Wedding Favor Messages

Wedding favors can always come in different styles, sizes, designs, themes, or the way of giving them out but what makes them more personalized and exceptional is the messages that will be tagged along with them when they are already been received. Guests will be delighted to attend your wedding but your feeling of delight is incomparable to how they will feel, thus, giving little favors for them together with your words of gratitude will be a tiny effort in your part.

Here are some unique ideas on how you can have unforgettable messages in your wedding favors. To some, they would just simply put “thank you” messages in their wedding favor tags, but wouldn’t it be nice if this tiny bit of detail can never be overlooked on your wedding preparations? As your guests will become happy with the pretty and useful favors which you will give out, they would again feel special with the messages that you have inserted in the tags.

Little trivia about you and your groom. Written on that piece of paper sticking or hanging in your wedding favor are little facts about you and your groom which they didn’t have any idea about. You can put in there, “I was a gymnast during grade school and my husband had a huge crush on Tyra Banks when he was a teen, thanks for sharing our happiest day with us!” Your guests will definitely adore your favors finding out about your hidden talents and secrets!

Theme song lyrics. There would be probably just a little number of couples who do not have a song for each other but couples would usually have their theme songs. And if you luckily belong to the latter, you can incorporate a line or two from you and your groom’s favorite song in each tag to have a personal touch on each wedding favour. Along with the song lyrics, you can also put your wedding date and you and your groom’s initials.

Lines of Lovey-Dovey Poems. Poems, especially if you and your groom are literary-inclined people, will definitely suit if put in your wedding favor tags. They can be written in beautiful and pretty fonts along with your venue and wedding date. A Shakespearian touch to your thank you messages to the guests who have spent their time with you.

Little notes for each other or a line from your own wedding vows.Those would be perfect little notes attached to your wedding favor tags, personalized and very sweet way of thanking your guests. Imparting your love for each other to your guests will be a good gesture from both of you. They would be happy leaving after the wedding clutching on their wedding favors and reading your thank you notes.

Your own personal thank you message. You can’t just write in there the words “thank you” because that’s the standard although that would still be a counted on. You can compose your own message for an own added touch. You can put in there your own love story and how you have ended up liking each other and then decided to get married. Things like that would definitely get your guests to read what you have put in the tags attached to the favors. You can add another unique touch with it; sign it with your signature already using your husband’s family name.

This doesn’t mean that putting a message on your wedding favors is a requirement; this is just an added pretty and memorable detail which you can incorporate with your favors. You can even personally thank your guests one by one or you can announce on the microphone at the time of the program during the reception your personal message for the guests. It is all up to you. But putting your personal messages on the wedding favors will be a lasting thank you memorabilia along with the wedding favors.

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Wedding Favors And Papers: Wonderful Combination

As your wedding is nearing, you are currently looking for a very good wedding favor to give out to your guests on the day of your wedding as a thank you gift for spending their time with you on your special day. Wedding favors might even be left out of all the planning but it is an essential part of the wedding. So you should consider forgetting about wedding favors a huge mistake if you will ever forget about them. And now, you are in for a very good wedding favor idea you might even be able to do yourself and save some money.

Papers might even get a little attention as useful wedding favors component because they usually serve as instruments for the other portions of the wedding like the invitations or escort cards but there you have it, it can be a pretty and practical wedding favor! And allow me to say that papers and wedding favors have a very special relationship.

Paper Flowers. There is an array of very pretty and gorgeous flowers made out of paper and they can be a very good wedding favor. They can even become very good wedding centrepieces but ain’t it something if your guests will be able to bring them home and stare at them forever and think about your gorgeous wedding? Specialty papers are the usual materials in making this kind of favor and they can be formed into a bunch of beautifully-colored eye-candies and packed in a pot made out of paper also.

Paper Fans. Fans made out of paper are useful wedding favors because of their purpose. They can even come in very attractive and appealing designs, colorful styles, and you can have some DIY if you want to. There is one kind which you don’t even need other materials but just stiff or hard paper and ribbons. You just need to look for some elaborately and beautifully-designed papers which you will just have to fold and tie a ribbon on the handle which is color coordinated with the paper also.

Paper Cones. Cardboard papers are the usual materials for paper cones because these favor holders will serve as cones for different types of favors ranging from candies up to chic designs which you will wish as your wedding favor. You can look for cardboards with alluring and interesting colors or gorgeous designs then cut and form into cones. The edges of the cones can also be cut into striking designs. This is how papers can be so much fun to work with.

Paper Boxes. Wedding favor boxes always have this handsome appeal to each and every guest making them excited if what’s inside as the thank you gift from the bride and the groom. Paper boxes can come in a variety of forms and figures which can range from elegant enchanted carriage boxes up to boxes made out of peal papers which were cut through lasers and become astoundingly designed.

Paper Fortune Cookies. This one is a very unique kind of wedding favor because you do it yourself. It is very easy to make a paper fortune cookie and you can give each guest lots of them in different and pretty colors or that which coordinate with your wedding theme. Instead of fortune messages, you can put some love quotes inside the paper fortune cookies and get an impressive response from your wedding guests. You can put 10-20 paper fortune cookies inside a box or any container you may wish to hold them which will also contain a message of your gratitude.

The combination of paper and wedding favors options idea is endless and you yourself might even have some unique ideas which you can apply to your wedding. Make a favor out of paper and be amazed with how you can innovate into something more pretty and useful and get positive impressions from your wedding guests.

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Wedding Favors Show What Kind of Bride You Are

So you’re getting married. You have shared the happy news to your family, your friends and then the whirlwind starts to catch up on you, that you could actually feel butterflies on your stomach.  It is time to actually start planning your wedding; wedding themes, wedding reception ideas, bridal bouquets, dress ideas, and wedding favor ideas will be crawling around in that petite love-filled head of yours.

Take it slow, take a deep breath and relax. You might end up biting more than you could chew. You may be asking yourself, “Where do I begin?”, or “Will I hire a wedding planner?” Remember that most of the choices you make will reflect on your personality. And your guests oftentimes attend to this occasion as your critics; will rate the success of your wedding through the production that you paraded on that special day.  Through your wedding themes, bridal bouquets, reception and of course the wedding favors you gave to your guests which they will bring home and be the undying  reminder of that momentous event of your life, for they will be ending up in their latest collection on their shelves, or be collecting dust in an unknown closet in the garage.

From wedding themes, you can springboard to color themes, style themes, wedding favors ideas, etc. It is essential to set the tone of your wedding themes first, and then everything will fall into place. If your theme is summer wedding, you can advise your wedding favor supplier that any ideas for wedding favors must fit in to this theme. If you opted for a fall wedding theme, you should solicit ideas from your wedding favors supplier wedding favors that are coherent to this theme.

Wedding favors come in different styles and designs. If you look into wedding favors suppliers available in the market, you’ll be having a hard time to decide. They range from key chains, candle favors, chocolate favors, CD wedding  favors, beach-themed favors and many more. If you are crafty you could even personalize your own wedding favor to make them unique for your guest.

Unique is the key word when you want to express yourself through your wedding favors. You must impress your guests; you only wed once, so you must select the best or surprise them with the one of a kind wedding favor.  Wedding favors are so common, so make yours that reflect your married life, how sweet and affectionate couple you are. Don’t let your wedding favor be just a token that it would have no further use than just a display and will be forgotten someday.

Wedding favors are not only tokens, but they are small packages that say “thanks” to your guest for taking their time to attend to your special event, in spite of their busy schedule. Let your wedding favor be appreciated and surely be not thrown away because it reminds them of how in high spirit the couple, during the wedding especially the bride that brings out the best of her through the class and elegance of the wedding favor.

So when you want to convey to your guest who you are, say it through your wedding favors.

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